Lady Captains Newsletter – October 2020

Well Ladies, that was a BUSY start. I was not expecting that. I have never played so much golf…. and written so many emails. I use to look after a 1000 temps a week, but I was young then…

Hopefully I have kept you up to date with everything that has happen, so so much! Did we ever leave Malden Golf Club!!!!!! I have learnt so much in just 30 days. 

I will go sign up for a graphic designers course to learn how to produce you an all singing and dancing monthly newsletter, but to be honest I think I prefer an instant update as and when the events happen. More my personality too. But lets see how we go. Still need pics and fun emojis 

Below Are SOME… literally some of the photos that I took during the month.
Page 1 of MY DRIVE IN….. I LOVED my Day, sorry you could not be with me…. but my family and I have wonderful memories.

Page 2. SEPTEMBER… Pleased to say lots of happy smiling faces collecting lots of lovely prizes, well done to you all and thank you to the many sponsors of the competitions we had.

Thank you EVERYONE for ALL YOUR HELP. We had fun, we played some great golf, and ate some yummy cake and managed to see each other and wave and smile along the way. 

NOW LETS GET READY FOR PINK OCTOBER. LOTS HAPPENING ON THE COURSE – Raising money for Cancer Awareness month….. Just wear pink and you are half way there xxxx

Sadly, team, I think Covid might tighten its reins in on us even more in the month ahead. So, STAY SAFE. Do what you can to keep aware and lets make sure we keep the golf course open. If we all have to disappear from the clubhouse I will make sure we zoom and chat and face time one another….
We will think of something to keep us as one.  
Stay Strong and Stay Positive 

Love Veronica

MGC Lottery monthly update

Latest winners…
The September draw for the MGC lottery was held on Saturday 19 September with the winning numbers drawn by our independent expert, Club Manager, Jon Wells.

Congratulations to the latest winners:

1st Sally Strahan                        £200
2nd Pip Mumford                        £100
3rd Mike Morony                           £50

Prizes are usually paid out to winners either directly on onto their club cards but we’re happy to announce that winners can now also elect to have their winnings paid into the ProShop. A wonderful opportunity to be able to support our fantastic professional and Ben will also add on a further 10% to spend on the latest golfing gear from his wide range of stock… some new winter woollies perhaps? Thank you Ben!

The purpose of the MGC Lottery is to raise funds to spend on projects to enhance the facilities of our wonderful club. Unfortunately all project plans have been put on hold during the pandemic but as soon as we are able, we will be moving forward with completing the installation of the bins and ball washers across the course and continue to liaise with the Club Committee as to complementing their plans to refurbish the patio. 

While we’re not spending, we’re of course continuing to build up funds in the Project Reserve.  As members of the Lottery and the Club, if you have any suggestions as to how you would like to see these funds invested, please forward your ideas to the Lottery Committee email address,, we’d love to hear from you!

Want to sign up…
Funds raised by the MGC Lottery are allocated 50% to prizes and 50% to projects to enhance the facilities at the Club. More members means a bigger prize pot and importantly, more to invest in the Club – so sign up or encourage your friends to sign up if they haven’t already. All you need to do is set up a standing order for £10 a month to the MGC Lottery account, details below, and let one of the Lottery Committee ( know and you’ll be assigned a number in the next draw.

Sort code:                            20-46-76
Account:                            4393 5353

Thanks all and good luck in the next draw!

MGC Lottery Committee
Richard Middleton, John Kindred, Ann Phillips and Alex Gordon-Finlayson 

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