1893 Club

Malden Golf Club are proud to be part of the 1893 Club, which is an exclusive club made up of the 40 golf clubs worldwide that were all founded in 1893.

Following an initiative led by the Captain’s committee of Wellingborough Golf Club in 2011, golf clubs formed in 1893 were invited to join this exclusive club on the basis that they offer one courtesy round of golf per year to full members of all other 1893 clubs participating clubs.

The 1893 Club is mostly made up from 34 clubs situated in England and Scotland, but there are members as far afield as Ireland, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, Switzerland, South Africa and Australia.

Rules and Restrictions for booking at another 1893 club:

Each of the clubs forming the 1893 Club offer courtesy to members of the other clubs once per calendar year per individual member on a simple reciprocal basis.
No large parties are permitted – two fourballs maximum.
Tee times, bookings and arrangements to play should be made in advance by directly contacting the Secretary, Professional or Administration Office of the respective clubs as appropriate.
Please note other clubs may have restrictions on the days and times available.
Only full members of those registered with the 1893 club can take advantage of the courtesy. Guests of club members will not be offered the courtesy.
Approval to play criteria may involve a letter of introduction from the ‘home’ club and a handicap certificate should be obtained in advance of the visit.
All dress codes and club rules of the club being visited must be observed at all times.

Clubs currently offering this special deal can be viewed by clicking the button below.