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Golf Course Update

You may have seen a couple of people this week digging around the greens and the sprinklers on (following 10mm of rain over night) and thought “that’s a little strange”. Well this week we have had a planned visit from Prime Irrigation to carry out some checks on the system, and replace any parts as required prior to the system being primed in the spring. Next week Rainbird (who make the system) will attend and do some final checks and at this point we look to have the system “handed over” to us. Looking at the forecast we will not need it for a little while!

Some of our eagle eyed Members will no doubt be aware that behind our 17th green we have a significant wet area. This comes from a spring that enters the property to the far right of the 17th (in the woods). This spring then joins some underground pipe and this in turn goes behind the 17th green, joins a pipe on 16th-15th holes and runs down into the lake by the 15th green. For a number of years now the back of the 17th has been excessively wet and it is clear that the pipe work currently in place is simply no longer up to the job.
The good news is that the Committee have approved works to replace all this pipe work on the 17th hole, to commence next week. In addition to this the contractor will install drainage to take the water from the back of the green surround into the new pipe work (as this green is closed this morning due to rain this is quite pertinent). The company Profusion have been appointed to carry out this work.

In addition to these works the Committee considered ways of making further improvements to the 17th green complex, and if possible in a more cost effective way. It is clear than the greenside bunkers on the 17th are substandard and require reshaping and general refurbishment. So we have negotiated with the contractor to also carry out this refurbishment whilst on site. I am extremely pleased to tell you that in doing so we have saved a not insignificant sum of money. The money saved was from negotiating a good deal, and also from cost savings from them being on site already. The bunkers will now be reshaped, and lined with bunker blinder, and will finish up similar to the 6th hole greenside bunkers. The turfing of the area will also be in play a lot quicker than the 6th hole, and ideally we’d like to get the area back in play by the end of April.

The resultant effect of this is that the Course Five Year Plan, which is a working document, will alter ever so slightly. The order in which other bunkers are refurbished will possibly go back a year depending on available funds.

Also a reminder for all playing members that week commencing 18th March is our course maintenance week. We’ll keep you posted as to how that is coming along in due course.

Kind regards

David Boyce
General Manager

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