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From Monday 8th to Friday 12th October we will have contractors on site to carry out some essential bunker reconstruction work.

1. Bunkers on the 6th and 7th greenside will be out of play and temporary greens will be in play at key points when this work is taking place. We will endeavour to have temporary greens in play for as little as possible.
What is happening?
• The bunkers will be excavated and reshaped. Edges will be clearly defined.
• Our green staff will be installing drainage using perforated pipes.
• The bunkers will then be lined with rubber crumb (as in bunkers on the 4th, 5th, 8th, 10th, and 12th) known as “bunker blinder”.
• The bunkers may have some “GUR” marked for a little while afterwards, as they will then be turfed.
• New sand will then added to the newly shaped bunkers.

2. Additionally we also have “Prime Irrigation” on site from Monday 8th to commence the new irrigation work. This project is likely to last for in the region of 12 weeks. Most of the initial works will happen behind the scenes, with a lot of tank and pipe work near the green keeper’s compound. Once this has been completed they will then commence the work on the course. This will be communicated to the Membership as soon as possible, as it may also involve some temporary greens and GUR, and “traffic management” for a short while.

This work is essential for the long term improvement of the course and forms part of the long term development plan of the course. Unavoidably there will be a little inconvenience whilst the work is being carried out, (as golf is the only sport where maintenance happens whilst the game is being played!)

3. Shortly we will also be tackling the 14th tee, which will be stripped, levelled and re turfed. Whilst this tee is growing in, there will be temporary teeing in operation (which many in the coming winter will not be too bothered about as the 14th is hard enough!)
But I am sure you will be pleased with the outcome and improvements for the season in 2019.

Happy golfing!

David Boyce
General Manager

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Winter Rules have now finished, the ball must be played as it lies. Please note that we have identified a small localised OPM nest to the right fo the 13th Green. If your stance is affected, then free relief is granted under Rule 16.2 (Dangerous Animal Conditions).
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